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Investment Types Explained

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We don’t just send you pretty pictures only to come up short when it matters most. With our Tailored Investments Scheme, we extensively screen a variety of developments, and have our experts conduct thorough research on its benefits and remunerations. If it checks out, only then do we send it to you! We believe nothing short of perfect should be shared with our investors.



The common type of Investment starts with Buy to Let (BTL). This allows a Landlord to gain returns from the Rent received on the property over an annual term, as well as Capital appreciation for when property prices incline in any period of time. Most investors tend to acquire a BTL Mortgage to maximize the returns on the actual cash that has been invested, which tends to be a lot more fruitful as the Income of the property is actually feeding the payments for the property itself, essentially becoming self-sufficient….


Student Accommodation investments have been increasingly popular within the UK, given its high occupational rates and yields. This type of asset has evolved significantly in recent years, and has become an essential part of key investment strategies. We have a growing portfolio of Student Accommodation in key locations of the UK, strategically set close to Universities, Hospitals and other key landmarks desired by Students….



Hotel Room Concepts have been a traditional form of investment, as it resembles much of the Buy-to-Let asset, while contrastingly allowing you to have multiple short-term tenants over a period of time. Stress-free, this type of investment enables you to Purchase a Hotel room, taking full ownership, but allowing the Hotel to essentially manage the letting of the room to guests. Again, similarly to Student Accommodation assets, we have ties with Hotels that offer our clients a guaranteed income scheme over a duration of time….