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Get high yielding properties in the UK with Ashmont Real Estate!

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If you have been looking for a new place to move in, or looking for a good investment opportunity, let Ashmont help you find the right options for you.


Properties giving high yields are popping up in hot patches of the UK and Ashmont is here to help you source those opportunities out. For homebuyers, it’s simple, we will guide you through what you desire in your new living space and what suits you best from the available resources be it apartments or houses.


Ashmont is a centre of services provided for all kinds of property queries, whether buying, selling, management, furnishing or construction. We believe in a process that is both accommodating and thorough.


Our approach is unique and consultative, we get to understand your requirements and recommend what type of investment would best tailor your needs. Whether that is long term or short term, high yield or capital appreciation, our experts put together a detailed report for you. The figures we provide are based on extensive market research from our team to make sure you have all and most up to date information.


Many of Ashmont’s clients have invested with our furniture packs, we understand the competitiveness of city living and what potential renters would be looking for. We try to make it easier for our clients by offering curated furniture options with the ease of delivery and installation.


Investments through off-plan properties in the UK are a great way to get your money mobilized in the construction of some great residential buildings for the future. These kinds of investments ensure a great value of return, the high ROI from your money invested and most certainly better than any bank would give you!

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