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When dealing with REITs, Private equity firms or large corporations we tend to shift our strategic focus to Bulk Purchasing. It can also just be clients who have larger appetite for investment from money saved over a longer period of time, or gardened through an inheritance. It’s probably the most efficient way of investing your funds with the least amount of hassle from your end – we source it, we compile it and simply tell you how much you’ll make! Through diversifying your investments, you’ll essentially be spreading your eggs across our range of developments at a special discounted rate. You will have limitless options from buying multiple units, an assortment of units (specific types of units which may be limited in a project), an entire floor or even the whole building. We also arrange joint ventures with other conglomerates within the industry – so if you were late to the party and missed out on some prime piece of land, it might not be too late!
Bulk purchasing will automatically give you VIP Priority when it comes to our new releases and exclusive stock. This puts you apart from everyone else and gives you more opportunity to benefit from our exclusive offers on our launch days. The normal procedure of a bulk purchase is pretty straightforward – you will tell us your preference and appetite, we decide how much goes into the pot and one of our consultants will draw out a calculated Investment Breakdown that will detail exactly what your funds will invest in, what assets you’ll take home and how much revenue it will make. We will draw recommendations with regards to exit strategies and future management on your portfolio.